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With our application we are able to generate thousands of videos with customization from a single design or template. The personalization consists of linking your database with the video template, easily integrating relevant data for an individual client, thus generating a unique and personalized message (birthdays, sales, consumption, different proposals etc etc)

Personalization and video are two elements whose combination is one of the main current marketing trends. Efficiency, speed and demonstrated results are increasing its use in different sectors. In addition we will get very relevant data, like who and how many times they visualize each video, the duration and the likes or shares that are made.

Video Marketing: Efficiency, speed and demonstrated results

It is obvious that the visual content is more attractive. Ratios such as open rates, conversion rates, lead generation and others, increase exponentially if we use it.

Do not wait any longer, give us a demonstration of this exclusive and integrable product in customer loyalty campaigns.